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Honoring a Navy Veteran: The Story Behind Schuyler’s Veterans Memorial


Frank Blazek, a Navy veteran from the 1950s and a lifelong member of the Schuyler VFW, envisioned a memorial for area veterans. Though Frank passed away nearly four years ago, his dream is now being fulfilled through the dedicated efforts of a group of veterans. This blog post explores the journey from Frank’s inspiration to the current initiatives in creating a memorial for Schuyler’s heroes.

1. Frank’s Vision and Inspiration:

  • Frank’s dedication to the Navy in the 1950s.
  • His lifelong membership in the Schuyler VFW.
  • Marilyn, Frank’s wife, recalls his belief in the need for a memorial.

2. The Genesis of the Memorial:

  • A group of veterans from VFW and American Legion came together.
  • Organizing and planning efforts kicked off, inspired by Frank’s vision.
  • The late 2022 decision to initiate a fundraising campaign.

3. Fundraising for the Dream:

  • The commitment of the founding members: Jerry Mundil, Lumir Jedlicka, Allen Jedlicka, Mike Benesch, and the late Dan Jakub.
  • Marilyn’s generous donation of $5,000 as an early supporter of the project.


Frank Blazek’s legacy lives on through the collective efforts of these dedicated veterans. The journey from inspiration to fundraising reflects the strong community spirit in Schuyler. As the memorial project progresses, it stands as a testament to the enduring impact of individuals like Frank who envisioned a tribute to honor the sacrifices of local veterans.