Colfax County Veterans Memorial

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honoring our heros

Soon to be located in Schuyler, Nebraska
Colfax Street and Higgins Drive
Mailing Address:
American Legion Post 47
PO Box 47
Schuyler, NE 68661

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Real heroes are men and women that put their life on hold and are willing to give up that life,
so you and I might live ours in peace and prosperity.

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The Colfax Veterans Memorial of Schuyler. NE depends solely on the generous contributions of our patrons. Learn how you can help memorialize our community and nation’s legacy of service.


located at Oak Ballroom Colfax Street & Higgens Drive; Schuyler, NE

“In MEMORY of” Brick Order Form

“In Memory Of” bricks are not limited to members of the military and may be purchased for any family member or friend.

The Memorials aren’t there to help us remember, those of us who know or were there don’t need help with that. This is a place to go and process those memories, and for others to learn from them.

our purpose

Veterans and family members partnering with the Schuyler American Legion and VFW, have created this Amercian Veterans Memorial to honor veterans from across the nation.